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  • Audit & Conseils

  • Assistance aux études

  • Fabrication, contrôle et réception

  • OPC / DOC

  • Montage et construction

  • Pré-commissioning / Commissioning

  • Mise en route / Start up

Areas of interventions

Audit and consulting

Audit and consulting Risk analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis,Recommendation relative to standards.

Assistance to studies

APS (front project summary), record of consultation, regulatory files, ODA (before project final), DOE (folder works executed).

Production, control and Reception

Procurement, Contract management, Inspection, Package management, supervision and control.


Scheduling, job, shutdown Planning, Job preparation, documentary engineering.

Assembly and Construction

Supervision work TCE, construction, quality, Coordination, Assistance received.


Drafting procedures, Coordination, pre-commissioning, Commissioning, testing, sync, Leak test.

Road/Start up layout

Drafting procedure, organization and method, test blank, Start up, training dedicated operators.